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AccuTheranostics is dedicated to providing and discovering breakthrough cancer diagnostics that will dramatically improve the lives of patients suffering from a wide array of cancers. We also provide R&D services that will improve drug development for the Biotech and Pharmaceutical industries.

AccuTheranostics, Inc. provides clinical laboratory services that improve currently available chemotherapy cancer treatment options available to the physician and patient, and also enable the pharmaceutical industry to more rapidly and cost-effectively develop new cancer treatment drugs.

Your physician can directly order AccuTheranostics' laboratory tests if he or she has determined that the Chemoresistance/ Sensitivity Assay or other AccuTheranostics cancer testing services are right for you.



ChemoFit™ is the most advanced chemotherapy resistance and sensitivity test available today.  It allows you to test potential chemotherapy treatments on your cancer prior to treating your body.

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Cancer Patients' Guide

A summary of current cancer treatment options, including: surgical, radiation, chemotherapy and experimental cancer treatments.

Explore the specific cancer treatment resources of interest to you, and then contact your doctor to discuss your best options.

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New Publication

New reseach at AccuTheranostics:  Individualizing Chemotherapy using the Anti-Diabetic Drug, Metformin, as an “Adjuvant”: An Exploratory Study

Journal of Cancer Science & Therapy

For Canadian Patients

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