AccuTheranostics™ is a biotechnology company focused on the business of individualizing chemotherapy thereby dramatically improving outcomes for cancer patients.

AccuTheranostics™ uses proprietary sophisticated technologies to provide patient-specific cancer diagnostic and prognostic information to oncologists in hospitals and oncology practices.

AccuTheranostics™ is a leader in delineating the entire cellular composition of solid tumors.

Specimens are shipped in AccuTheranostics’™ holding medium to our headquarters in Buffalo, New York where they undergo disaggregation, are subjected to drugs, single and in combination, and chemoresistance/sensitive profile is determined.  The results will be provided within days of receiving the specimen to determine optimum treatment.

AccuTheranostics™ is committed to advancing the science and practice of oncology therapeutics, with a strong emphasis on improving patient outcomes, enhancing patient quality and quantity of life.