What kind of cancer can the ChemoFit™ test be used for? 

Currently, the test has been validated for all solid tumors including ovarian, endometrial, uterine, lung, colon, breast and prostate.  The test has also been proven in leukemias and lymphomas and is in the validation stages for those cancers.

How long do I have to wait for test results?

Results are available four days after the specimen is received in our laboratory.

I have already started chemotherapy…

ChemoFit™ requires a fresh tumor sample and the patient must be off any chemotherapy treatment for two weeks prior to the test.

I have already had a biopsy…

ChemoFit™ requires live cells so that we can test your actual cells.  Therefore it is required to have a fresh biopsy or tissue specimen that is sent to our laboratory in a temperature controlled kit.  If you are planning a biopsy or surgery a kit is available by contacting AccuTheranostics™.

Does insurance cover ChemoFit™?

In most cases your insurance should cover the cost of the ChemoFit™ test.  However, since it is a new technology some insurance companies may be unfamiliar with the test and require additional information for reimbursement.  If you or your insurance carrier have questions about reimbursement please contact our office.

My Doctor has told me these tests are not accurate…

Most oncologists are familiar with test that use technologies that are more than 20 years old.  ChemoFit™ is a breakthrough protocol that is newly available to oncologists and is the only one that measures all forms of cell death and can be used on all solid tumors.