Physicians’ Services

AccuTheranostics, Inc. provides clinical laboratory services that give cancer-treating doctors a “window” onto the cancer cells.

When a patient may have cancer, physicians confront a chain of pressing questions: What type of cancer is it? Where did it originate? Where has it spread? Which treatments are most likely to work? Finding the answers to these questions quickly and accurately is vital.

AccuTheranostics, Inc. offers a full line of laboratory tests designed to provide information that can be used to tailor treatment to the individual patient’s cancer, based on the unique biological and genetic properties of the malignant cells obtained from the patient. This information enables physicians to stratify individual patients into good or poor prognostic groups, and to avoid the use of specific chemotherapy agents to which the patient’s tumor is resistant/sensitive.

We provide a comprehensive range of customized analyses to help cancer specialists correctly diagnose difficult tumors, establish prognosis in many cancers (including breast, melanoma, gynecologic and lung) and determine optimal treatment in any of a number of various cancers.

This information enables you to start the optimum individualized treatment, thereby preventing the tumor from amassing MDR proteins, as well as targeting all cancer cells that may have escaped any previous interventions. This rational avoids administration of ineffective therapies while decreasing or negating overt toxic side effects. It further enables both patients and reimbursement agencies to benefit from more effective – and cost efficient – cancer management.

How Long Do Results Take?

Results are available in 5 days. Other laboratory services vary depending on specific test ordered.